Trackday Manager Wiki

Sponsors can be controlled in the Sponsor Management screen.

Sponsors are the main source of income for your team. We have been fortunate to get real sponsors for the players to use on their cars and crew suits. Every sponsor will have requirements in their contracts that need to be met to be able to get the most of money from them. They also appreciate loyalty, so the longer you use a sponsor on your car the higher the loyalty bonus will be. The Sponsors will approach you based on results and accomplishments during the game and it will be up you you as a team owner to accept or decline a contract suggestion. You can never have more than ten active sponsors at any given time.

There are three different type of sponsor slots on cars: Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. Where to place sponsors on your car is totally up to you as a player, but keep in mind that each sponsor falls under an industry category, and you can’t put sponsors within the same category on the same car.

Each sponsor has their own offers in-game, and the player can build up a good relationship with sponsors to increase the payments in-game. Sponsors are divided into industry categories, and you can’t sign more than one sponsor per category.

List of Sponsors[]